OMD Publishing Team, O.P.T.

The OPT is responsible for cultivating and maintaining a creative space for community connection, within and outside of the college, but all within the multicultural community and Kingdom of God.


OPT exists to cultivate community in and beyond campus in new and creative ways. We aim to create space for students of color to express themselves through various media platforms and to attempt to meet the needs of the community through creative outlets.  



1. to elevate minority and diverse voices,

2. to serve the OMD campus and alumni community through journalism, social media presence, and creative art outlets,

3. to organize and publish a newsletter to be distributed to the current and alumni Wheaton Multicultural community.



Editor-in-Chief: Joshua Lee

Arts & Design Coordinator: Ah-Young Chung

Journalism Coordinators: Alani Oyola, Angel John

Archivist & Community Coordinator: Emma Cho



@wheaton.omd on instagram

OPT located in the OMD