Medical Services Billing

Walk-in visits are welcome. Some nurse visits are free, however, laboratory procedures, pharmaceuticals, international travel consultations and medical supplies have a fee. Students do not need to pay for these services at the time of the appointments. The fees for these services are billed to the student's account. Within a few days, the student will receive an explanation of charges in their college mailbox. The student can send this explanation of charges with their health insurance claim form to request for possible reimbursement. SHS does not bill health insurance companies directly. SHS does not send medical bills to home or other addresses.


Your fee for service includes your visit with the physician or nurse practitioner, based on the time and complexity of your condition and any treatment provided. In addition, extra time spent by the medical staff may include:

  • Phone calls to you and/or family members regarding your condition and/or plan of treatment
  • Phone calls, e-mails or mailings regarding entrance requirements that are required by Illinois State Law by a prescribed due date
  • Patient educational material and medication samples when available.
  • Creation of a permanent medical record.
  • Review of all laboratory blood test results.
  • Review of prior and current x-ray or scan report and personal review with the radiologist of abnormal studies
  • Any research done by the physician/ nurse practitioner about your case.
  • Preparation and mailing of consultation reports and follow-up visits, letters and laboratory/scan results to referring physicians and subsequent consulting.
  • Follow-up phone call or letter regarding laboratory test results, phone consultations with other physicians.
  • Referral letters to specialists recommended by the physician.
  • Staff assistance regarding your visit and future follow-up appointments.
  • Arranging and coordinating other tests and consultations.
  • Calls to and from pharmacies.
  • Insurance application forms: health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance.
  • Insurance reports: insurance claims, disability claims to insurance and state.
  • Completing pre authorization with insurance companies for tests SHS has ordered
  • Letters of necessity to obtain medical equipment or prescriptions.
  • Letters of necessity for required services to third party payers.
  • Arrangements for hospitalization with hospital admissions department, house staff physicians and consulting physicians and test/treatment facilities.
  • Other required reports and completed forms may include: school, job, sick leave, back to work, communicable diseases, etc.
  • Coordinating care with other College departments to assist in your ongoing care and recovery.
  • In addition, the physicians and nurse practitioner participate extensively in continuing medical education, teaching, and medical writing to keep up to-date on the latest medical advances available to you, our patient.