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Intercultural Arts & Media

Explore ways to pair your creativity with student leadership opportunities

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Media Team

The Media Team is a joint-partnership with Student Engagement and Marketing Communications, both supporting student groups along with providing content for college marketing purposes.  We are committed to telling the Wheaton story through video and photo and create content for a variety of social media platforms.  Student Leaders on Media Team hone their skills in video or photography by capturing student events and programs, editing videos & photos, and creating promo, highlight, and marketing videos. Media Team members become an active and integral part of the Student Engagement culture along with acting as effective ambassadors to connect student perspective to social media.

Applications for Media Team 20-21 have been extended to April 6 with Zoom interviews taking place the week of April 13.  Students from any major, with differing levels of media experience, and with diverse experiences across campus, are encouraged to apply. 

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The Storytelling Project

The Storytelling Project is comprised of artists charged to use the platform of storytelling as a tool to illustrate the image of God at Wheaton College. Through our efforts in art-making and collecting stories (through our platform within Studio 1:27), we desire for our campus to be a place where the invisible God is seen through the recognition of a unique story within each student. We do this to celebrate the beauty of the gospel and advance unity within the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. If you are gifted and talented in any of the areas below, we would love for you to prayerfully consider serving on our team. Application deadline has been extended to April 6.

Visual Art
Graphic Designer
Spoken Word Poet

Studio 1:27