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SCS Care For Faculty and Staff

August 2020 - A new journey 

If you would like to have the following information as a card which can be downloaded and printed, you can do so at the following link. Faculty/Staff Care Card August 2020 (PDF)


Students are dealing with sudden change in their academic outlook, social settings, planned campus activities, closure with relationships, living arrangements and events.  Students are returning to campus in a different way than what they had envisioned which can create anxiety, stress and emotional reactions. They are now adjusting to a new learning process.  Many have returned to home environments where there needed to re-adjustment.  In addition, there are students from outside the U.S. who are not able to go home, concerned about family members whom they are not able to get to which cause many to need support.  There will be students who may experience a feeling of loss as some friends will not return this semester for various reasons. There are students returning after a leave of absence or a withdrawal and anticipate questions and unsure living circumstances. Students who are enduring the grievance and title ix processes are returning to navigate the outcome.  This will also be a time to welcome transfer students and incoming freshmen who are experiencing Wheaton for the first time and figuring out where they fit in.

Consider and Respond to Transitional Challenges

Beginning a new semester, there is a potential challenge for students re-balancing social and academic life after having been away from school. Anxiety about our adjusted learning spaces, how to navigate campus expectations, and the real impact of COVID-19 on many individuals and families can manifest in a variety of ways.  There is an impact of stress on some students who are struggling trying to find funds to pay their college bill along with books.  In addition, there is budding frustration for those students seeking to get into closed classes in order to graduate or complete a prerequisites. Tis the season for newness, uncertainties, learning curves, excitement, and the joy of seeking to reach educational goals. Likewise, many are traveling from various places with varying COVID regulations and for  many students it will be their first time being away from the comforts of their family during this unprecedented time in our country. Consider how the newness of these transitions has the potential to impact the student’s overall return and new experience to campus.


Extend yourself to welcome transfer students to our community, returning students back to their campus and freshmen student to their new home. Encourage students to seek medical support and visit Student Health Services when they are ill. Remind students about various campus resources and the importance of social distancing to keep our community healthy. Inform them about these important dates: August 28th is the fall incomplete deadline and the fall add/drop deadline is September 15th.

Helpful tips for supporting our students

Be AwareBe ProactiveBe Responsive
Be attentive to abrupt changes in routines, interactions, behaviors, academic stewardship, appearances or isolation from friend groups that cause you to be concerned.  Keep yourself informed about the various resources available to students for guidance, care and support.
Invite Student Care Services to a meeting to share best practices for responding to challenging concerns
Connect with the student to let them know you are concerned and encourage them to seek campus resources.
Submit a Student Care Referral as soon as you notice the concern

Care well for the student and yourself

  •  Model healthy boundaries with students.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by a student’s shared circumstance, direct them to the offices on campus equipped to help them navigate those circumstances.
  • Remember we are collectively caring for our students. You are not alone, you have support from your supervisors, Student Care Services and the entire Student Wellness Team.
  • If you are impacted by a student’s behavior, report it.

If you have concerns about a student, go to the Wheaton portal, click on the employee tab and submit a SCS CARES Referral form. If you have a question for Student Care Services, please contact us at 630-752-5022.