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SAO Leadership Opportunities

We believe co-curricular activities are a unique opportunity for all students to strengthen relationships, foster personal growth, and deepen their understanding of diverse cultural contexts. We oversee a wide variety of dynamic student leadership experiences that cultivate a Christ-centered community. Our office houses the following student organizations: Student Government, College Union, and Solidarity Cabinet. Please check out the recruitment information below and let us know if you have any questions.

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Student Government

Wheaton Student Government includes two main groups: the executive cabinet that sits on campus-wide committees and class councils (a council for each class). Executive Vice Presidents and Class Co-Presidents are elected student leaders. Students may join or be appointed to various committees throughout the College that focus on the following topics: College Life, Global and Experiential Learning, Educational Policies, Community Diversity, Campus Sustainability, Technology and Finance, and Student

How to find more information: 

Please stop by the SAO (Student Activities Office) at the north end of lower Beamer. Our hours are
between 8:30am-5pm and you may call our office at 630.752.5181.


Crystal Cartwright, Student Government Advisor: crystal.cartwright@wheaton.edu

Lauren Rowley, Student Body President: lauren.rowley@wheaton.edu

Tyler Waaler, Student Body Vice President: tyler.waaler@wheaton.edu

Upcoming Events:

Spring Election Speeches for Student Body President/Vice President and EVPs: March 26  @7:30pm in Crossroads Lounge

Spring Election Day for Student Body President/Vice President and EVPs: March 27

Spring Election Speeches for class officers: April 2 @7:30pm in Crossroads Lounge

Spring Election Day for Class Officers: April 3

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Solidarity Cabinet

Solidarity Cabinet exists to live out the Gospel message of reconciliation to God and to one another with particular focus on how this reconciliation works itself out in issues of racial and ethnic diversity. We seek to educate the community in the ways that racism exists systemically, enabling Wheaton College graduates to cultivate racial reconciliation in their spheres of influence. We invite you to consider applying for Solidarity Cabinet Chair, for which applications are due Monday, March 18. Be sure to check out the different Solidarity Cabinet Roles before you apply!

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College Union

College Union assists in training students in social responsibility and campus leadership. Through its various boards and committees, College Union provides campus wide activities for individual, cultural, social, and recreational programs, aiming to help students understand the necessary role of play in their selfcare and in their education. College Union’s flagship events are campus concerts, Ultimate House Parties, Coffee Houses, Talent Show, Air Jam, President’s Ball, and MOVE. Check out the different CU Board Descriptions before you apply!