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Requesting Accommodations

 Any student who would like to request an accommodation related to a disability should:

  • Complete the appropriate section on the Enrollment Confirmation form if you are in incoming student OR
  • Contact the Director of Learning and Accessibility Services directly at learning.accessibility.services@wheaton.edu.

Once the initial request for accommodations is made the Learning and Accessibility Services Office will contact the student for further information and to determine if documentation is needed.

The Director of Learning and Accessibility Services will review documentation or pertinent information to determine what reasonable accommodations the student is eligible to receive. The College has the right to refuse an unreasonable accommodation, adjustment, or auxiliary aid or service that imposes an undue burden or a fundamental alteration of a program or activity of the College.

The Director will contact the student following review of documentation in a timely manner (usually within 48-72 hours of receipt). Except in unusual circumstances contact will be made in no more than 3 weeks following receipt of properly submitted documentation. The student will be notified of his/her accommodations plan in writing.

Students may request to change or add to the initial accommodations proposal. Some changes may require additional information and/or documentation from the student.

The student is encouraged to communicate throughout the process and to provide feedback upon receipt of accommodations eligibility notification. This is also a time for the student to express any concerns or requests for revisions/addendums to the accommodations offered.

For academic accommodations, with the permission of the student, a letter outlining accommodations will be sent to each of his/her professors at the beginning of each semester.

In the event that requested accommodations have been denied, the College’s determination letter will inform the individual of the reason(s) and of his or her right to appeal the College’s determination as set forth in the grievance policy.

Any concerns regarding the effectiveness of accommodations or if accommodations are not being provided as specified please notify the Director of Learning and Accessibility Services ( learning.accessibility.services@wheaton.edu ) as soon as possible.