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How to Request Initial Accommodations

The Accommodations Process

Step 1

Register with LAS by completing the Initial Accommodations Request Form and uploading required documentation to confirm your eligibility for accommodations. Please review our Documentation Guidelines.

Step 2

Schedule an Initial Accommodations Request Meeting.

Step 3

Meet with LAS staff to review your documentation and discuss possible accommodations. If approved, an official Letter of Accommodation will be drafted and sent to your current semester professors. You will also receive an emailed copy of the letter.

Step 4

Follow up with each of your professors regarding the implementation of accommodations in their class.

The accommodations process is dynamic and interactive and involves collaboration between the student, the faculty member, Learning and Accessibility Services, and in some cases, other relevant parties. The application of certain accommodations may need to be modified depending on the format, structure, and requirements of each course. While accommodations may constitute modifications and adjustments to a course, they are not intended to fundamentally alter core components or excuse a student from fulfilling course requirements.