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Initiating Classroom Accommodations

With the student’s permission, an accommodations letter which specifies which accommodations a student should receive within the classroom setting will be sent to all faculty members with whom a student is taking classes during a given semester.

Up to three (3) attempts will be made to contact a student to request permission for the accommodations letter to be sent at the beginning of the semester. If the student does not respond, the letter will not be sent until the student contacts the Learning and Accessibility Services Office to grant permission.

Students can choose to have the letter sent only to specific faculty members or request that no letter be sent-however faculty are only required to give accommodations if a letter has been received and accommodations cannot be provided retroactively. The accommodations letter will be sent 1-2 weeks prior to the first week of classes each semester.

Once the accommodations letter is on file with faculty, it is the student’s responsibility to request the accommodations within the classroom.

Each time a student plans to use accommodations for tests or quizzes, he or she must notify the faculty member of his or her intent to do so. It is strongly recommended that the notification occur within 48 hours of the needed accommodation so the faculty member has adequate time to determine logistical details. If the student does not notify the faculty member in advance and requests accommodations at the time of the quiz or test, efforts will be made to accommodate the student where possible, however there may be times that the accommodation is unable to be provided without appropriate advance notification.

Late accommodations requests-If an accommodations request is made after the beginning of the semester, the letter or an e-mail will be sent out to faculty as soon as possible upon receipt of documentation and/or additional information.