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Learning and Accessibility Services

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A Place for ALL Students

Welcome to the Learning and Accessible Services Office!

We can help you enhance and enrich the way you learn and approach classes and also offer resources and support if you have a learning, physical, or mental health need that impacts academics or campus life.


Supporting Your Learning Experience

Through one-on-one meetings and academic workshops and seminars you have the opportunity to develop new strategies, build on existing skills, and discover how you are uniquely wired in order to maximize your college learning experience.

A series of workshops are offered each year that cover topics that are relevant to you such as time management, reading and note-taking strategies, paper-writing and research, test-taking and preparation, procrastination and much more.

You can make an individual appointment to receive academic support and coaching on best college study methods or discuss campus accessibility and accommodations coordination.

Services We Offer

  • Academic counseling for all students
  • Accommodation approval and services for students with documented learning disabilities, physical impairments or medical and mental health conditions
  • Screening assessment for learning difficulties and ADHD
  • Learning preference/style assessment
  • Coaching and accountability
  • Academic skills training

Additional Campus Support Services

All of these services are available to students free of charge.

For Appointments 

Log in to the Student Accommodate Portal and schedule an appointment online or call the LAS office at 630.752.5615.

Learning and Accessibility Services Staff

Jennie NicodemJennie Nicodem


Joelle MerrifieldJoelle Merrifield
Accessibility Specialist


Amy KlobucherAmy Klobucher
Office Coordinator