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Academic Resources

The Academic and Disability Services Office seeks to provide all Wheaton students with resources to enhance their academic learning.

The office offers academic counseling, assessment screening for learning disabilities, strategic information to enrich learning, learning style assessment and academic coaching and accountability. 

The  Writing Center is another valuable resource that is available on campus.

Below please find links to a number of institutions and organizations that provide information on a variety of academic topics:

General Academic Resources

College-Level Reading

Exam Preparation



Test Anxiety

Time Management

Tips for Successful Transition to College


Library Resources

The following resources are available to all students at the Buswell Library:

  • 21 inch Computer Monitor
  • Large Character Keyboard
  • Kurtzweil 1000
  • Adobe Professional
  • 2nd Speech Center Software
  • Six Mac Computers with VoiceOver Software
  • Copiers capable of scanning to email
  • Aladdin Ultra video magnifier

Reference Librarians are available to assist with research papers and projects. They are located at first floor information desk.


  • M-Th: 9am-10pm
  • Fri: 9am -5pm
  • Sat: 1pm-5pm

For more information please call Buswell Library at 630.752.5102.