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Spring Break - BreakAway Ministry

“Hurricane [Harvey] not only brought neighbors into unity with one another; it also tore relationships apart and devastated families. As we were worked, we realized that not only were we aiding in rebuilding homes, we were also aiding in rebuilding relationships within families that had been made fragile by the intense and overwhelming stress that devastation brings. The faith that these people developed was incredibly admirable-I’ve never experienced such strong perceptions of hope and perseverance as I did in Houston.” -Allison Nussbaum '21, BreakAway 2018

Learning Through Service

The Mission of BreakAway is to create opportunities for personal transformation by having Wheaton staff, faculty, and students serve together during Spring Break.  These week-long trips go to a variety of locations, both nationally and internationally. Each year, the student lead BreakAway Cabinet sets a vision for their work coordinating each trip. 

Sign-ups for trips happen December of each year. Check the Sign-Up page for more details. 

2019 BreakAway Spring Break Service Trips

ANGOLA STATE PRISON - What is your concept of a maximum-security prison that houses over 5,000 inmates, many of whom are violent offenders?  Are you prepared to have all of your preconceptions challenged?  Do you have the courage to see and be a part of a culture made up of inmates who will challenge your mind and heart like no other culture in America?  This is an intensely difficult and rewarding trip.  Come see how God can use you in this environment!  Students will see what daily life in a prison consists of and have their perceptions of prison life challenged and transformed. 

Students will stay and work with Mountain T.O.P. (Tennessee Outreach Project) to serve the community around the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.  This ministry serves seven counties through major and minor home repair and children's programs and students will spend two days working with families on major or minor home repair projects in the community and two days helping renovate and build in-camp facilities.  In the morning, students will participate in camp-wide morning devotionals led by student volunteers.  In the evening, students can be a part of sharing, devotions, and worship.  Students will also attend a local church!