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School Year

School Year Service Opportunities

 #WHEATONserves | ChicaGO Service Day from Wheaton College on Vimeo.

As a part of the Office of Christian Outreach, there are four student-led groups that offer service opportunities throughout the academic year: BreakAway Ministry, Christian Service Council, Zoe's Feet Dance Ministry, and World Christian Fellowship. Follow the links below to find out more about how these students contribute to the communities around them and the global church. 

How to Get Involved

Please visit the links below to find out more about each school year ministry. We are excited to offer service opportunities during the business of the year that recenter and refocus our attention towards Christ. If you have any questions about other available school year opportunities or summer service teams, please email the Office of Christian Outreach at oco@wheaton.edu

Prayer and Fellowship

World Christian Fellowship (WCF) seeks to increase student awareness of the global Church. This awareness is cultivated through avenues of celebration, intercessions, and fellowship. 

Community Engagement

Christian Service Council (CSC) teams serve the Chicagoland community alongside fellow students and local partners during the school year. Check out our local partners to see which group best fits your gifts of service. 

Zoe's Feet Dance Ministry

Zoe’s Feet mission is to cultivate a community of dancers that is centered on the Word of God, celebrates unity and diversity, and provides a safe and honest space for worship. Learn more about how Zoe's Feet does ministry through dance during the school year. 

Spring Break

BreakAway Ministry (BAM) celebrates its 20th year of service this year! Through BreakAway, students are able to connect with faculty and staff to experience the gift of serving throughout North America area during Spring Break. Our past locations have included Texas, Tennessee, London, California, Paris, St. Louis, San Francisco, and more!