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Orientation FAQs

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  • Virtual Orientation programming begins on Monday, January 18, with an Opening Program at 7pm.  Students are strongly encouraged to tune in to this Livestream event using the link above. 
  • "Meet & Greet" will take place before the Opening Program where you can gather in a breakout room and meet some new faces beginning at 6:30pm. 
  • A virtual Kick-Off event for all new students will be hosted by the Spring Orientation Committee after the Opening Program at 8pm.   
  • New students may arrive on campus between 10am-3pm on Saturday, February 6. 
  • Sign up for a Testing and arrival time. Plan to go to directly to the Chrouser Sports Complex when you arrive on campus, then make your way to the Welcome Center to check in.
  • Upperclass Thundermovers will help move you into campus housing.
  • Please email if you have questions about arriving on campus outside of the 10am-3pm window on Saturday, February 6.
  • The Spring Housing page offers detailed information about coming to campus.
  • No, all new students will be Covid-tested in the Chrouser Sports Complex immediately upon arrival to campus on Saturday, February 6.

  • Please sign up for a testing and arrival reservation.

  • Quarantine will begin once students have been moved into their residence while they await test results.

  • The earlier in the day that students are tested, the more likely that test results will be back by Saturday evening allowing for limited Orientation programming to begin.  We realize that some travel plans won't accomodate an early Saturday arrival which is why most Orientation events are scheduled for Sunday.

  • There is no fee for Spring Semester Orientation. 


  • There will be no Parent Orientation events on campus, other than Student Drop Off on February 6. 
  • In order to reduce campus exposure, please allow Thundermovers to unload cars rather than parents or others who aren’t Wheaton students. 


Not sure what to bring? Check out our Lean and Light Packing List!  

We are encouraging students to pack light and lean and only bring the necessities to allow for an easy and quick move-in process. Packing light is also beneficial in the unfortunate event that the State would ask students to return home in the middle of the semester and need to finish the semester remotely. We are excited to have an excellent semester of living and learning in our community. 

  • The meal plan begins on Saturday, February 6 at dinner.
  • Even though students will be quarantining while awaiting test results, they can pick up a grab-and-go dinner in Anderson Commons.