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Orientation FAQs

Orientation FAQs

When does Orientation officially begin?

  • For Passage, International, and Passport (TCK), and conservatory students, the Welcome Center is open on Thursday, August 22 from 3-5pm in the Beamer Center.
  • For all New Students?  The residence halls and Welcome Center are open from 9am-4pm on Friday, August 23 for check-in.
  • For Parents?  Parent Welcome Center is open on Thursday, August 22 from 2-5pm and on Friday, August 23 from 9am-4pm in Lower Beamer.  See the Parent Engagement page for more information.

What should I pack?

When do things officially end for parents?

  • Officially at 8:30pm on Saturday, but parents are welcome to stay through Sunday to attend church with their student.

Where should parents stay when coming for Orientation?

  • There are many hotels in close proximity to campus.  Mention you're coming for Wheaton Orientation and you may receive a discount.

Should siblings come to Orientation?

  • This is a difficult question to answer, and we leave the decision to the parents.  Since Orientation programming is geared toward students and parents, siblings often feel out of place.  In addition siblings may feel awkward tagging along to a student mixer, or have difficulty finding a parent information session interesting.  Siblings are encouraged to visit during Family Weekend or a Wheaton Connection.

Is there a fee for Orientation?

  • Yes, the Orientation fee covers a variety of Residence Life and Orientation expenses: t-shirts, special meals, Community Service Day transportation, etc.
  • Parents and families are expected to cover meal and lodging expenses while at Wheaton for Orientation.
  • A $125 Orientation fee will be charged to your student account.

Is Orientation Mandatory?

  • Yes, for freshmen
  • No, for transfers, however, we strongly encourage transfers to participate as we have planned Orientation specifically with transfers in mind as well as freshmen.  Transfers not participating are required to arrive on campus by Monday, August 26 at 10am.

When does the meal plan begin?

  • All new students can begin eating on their meal plan as of lunch on Friday, August 23
  • Students checking in on Thursday with early arrivals may begin their meal plan at dinner on Thursday, August 22.

What about meals for families?

  • Parents can purchase meal tickets at the Parent Welcome Center for a reduced rate, in the line at Anderson Commons, or buy food at the Stupe or Sam's.
  • Once parents have check in, look over the information packet for off-campus restaurant options as well.

When can I arrive?

  • If not arriving early due to Wheaton Passage, Passport to Wheaton, Athletics, or the Conservatory, new students should arrive any time between 9am-4pm on Friday, August 23.
  • If arrangements need to be made for an exception, new students should contact the Housing Office.

When do Wheaton Passage students check in?

  • Passage students will arrive on campus from HoneyRock during the afternoon of Thursday, August 22.  The residence halls and Welcome Center will be open for students to check in from 3-5pm.

How late can I arrive?

  • Freshmen should arrive before 2pm on Friday, August 23. Our Thunder Move-In Crew will be ready to assist you!

What should I know about banking options?

  • There is a Chase Bank ATM machine in the Beamer Center, outside of Anderson Commons.  Anyone with a Chase account can withdraw money without a service fee.
  • Chase Bank representatives will be on campus during Orientation to assist in setting up accounts and answering questions about banking.
  • Many other banks are located in Wheaton, some within walking distance of campus.  Google "banks in Wheaton" to find out information specific to your needs.

Does Wheaton offer shuttles from the airports during Orientation?

  • Wheaton does not offer shuttle services from the airports during Orientation. If you need a ride, it is best to contact Uber or Lyft.

Where can students ship their packages prior to classes beginning?

  • Answers to CPO-related questions can be found here.