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Wheaton Center for Race and Ethnicity

A New Center to Engage Issues of Race and Ethnicity from a Christian Perspective

  • What is the responsibility of the church when topics like race and ethnicity foster deep divisions?
  • How does the legacy of race and ethnicity in the U.S. inform the present and shape the future?
  • How does the church’s calling in Christ equip it to respond to racial injustice?
  • What does racial (re)conciliation look like?
  • What lessons do the unique experiences of racialized minorities offer to the broader Christian community?
  • How can Christians build bridges for informed, passionate discussion across historical lines of division that result in respect, understanding, and gospel witness?

These are some of the questions we seek to tackle through the creation of the Wheaton Center for Race and Ethnicity.

This center will be the first of its kind among member institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). It will act as an incubator, cultivating Christians who bring a much needed, theologically-informed, and biblically-grounded understanding of race and ethnicity to today’s complex issues.

Who We Serve


The Center will serve Wheaton College undergraduate and graduate students by providing an educational context for students to learn about race and ethnicity through various initiatives including

  • Design Immersive, experiential learning opportunities that expose students to the realities of race and ethnicity in the U.S.
  • Create student fellowships designed to foster deep thinking on matters of race and ethnicity
  • Expose students to leading voices through sponsored lectures, faculty-led reading groups, and community engagement efforts
  • Sponsor faculty-student projects to promote original, innovative scholarship in the areas of race and ethnicity
  • Develop campus workshops to enhance students’ ability to navigate the challenges of racial and ethnic diversity
  • Promote student engagement with matters of race and ethnicity within their field of study discipline through internships, externships, and special field trips

and other interactive opportunities to wrestle with the past and present realities of race and ethnicity in the U.S. from a biblical perspective.

The Center will build upon the excellent work of Wheaton’s Office of Multicultural Development and Office of Chief Intercultural Engagement to celebrate, through academic inquiry and scholarship, the unique contributions of racialized minorities to the church and society.

The Academy

The Center will position itself as a crucial academic voice in scholarly conversations on race and ethnicity, both inside and outside of Christian spheres, through the following efforts

  • Publishing a scholarly journal to promote theologically-informed, intellectual rigorous engagement with matters of race and ethnicity
  • Producing white papers to encourage dialogue across ideological divides on racially-charged contemporary issues
  • Building a world-class archival collection of materials (papers, digital content, etc.) that position Wheaton College as a key source of materials on race and ethnicity
  • Hosting a biennial academic conference that fosters scholarly inquiry on matters of race and ethnicity
  • a biennial academic conference that fosters scholarly inquiry consistent with the Center’s mission

The Church/Parachurch Organizations

This new center will also develop initiatives to educate and challenge the local church and broader community, including

  • Producing digital content like podcasts, webinars, and mobile training modules to educate the Church and broader community on contemporary issues of race and ethnicity
  • Host a biennial conference on a selected topic related to race and ethnicity for laypeople
  • Sponsor Wheaton faculty to make their courses on race and ethnicity available to the broader community via WheatonX platform
  • Offering workshops for faith communities engaged in (domestic cross-cultural ministry and evangelism
  • Address the consequences of racism in society through strategic partnerships with organizations combating its devastating effects

Partner With Us

To make this vision a reality at Wheaton College, we need your help. Please consider partnering with us by:

  • Praying for God’s favor on this exciting undertaking
  • Making a financial gift to support this work
  • Connecting us with others who are passionate for a vision like this
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