Wheaties Define Racial Reconciliation

Graphic image of the word cloud created from responses to the question of 'What is racial reconciliation'


Wheaton College staff, students, and faculty were asked to define racial reconciliation in six words or less. To join the conversation, email diversity@wheaton.edu

Racial reconciliation is . . .

 "Living out God's Kingdom on earth."

– Ray Chang '06, Ministry Associate for Discipleship

"recognizing, supporting, and understanding the underrepresented"

"making peace through reparation of wrongs"
– Connor Cook '19

"pursuit of equal partnership in relationships" 

"intentional efforts towards healing between races" 
– Natia Weathers ‘19, President of William Osborne Society

"The broken world is craving healing." 

"sharing personal stories, increasing awareness/empathy" 

  • humbling/humility
  • loving
  • just
  • biblical
  • commanded
  • ideal/God’s plan

– Karen Tucker, Director of Human Resources

 "restoring what is broken" 

 "A journey: necessary, hard, largely uncharted" 
– Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R.,  Blanchard Professor of Old Testament

"Love your siblings. God made them! " 

"holistic healing promoting harmony between races" 
– Jordyn Rand ‘21, Sisterhood Coordinator of William Osborne Society

"healthy relationship building among different groups" 

"addressing brokenness for equitable human-flourishing: reparations" 
– Sammie Shields ’20, Student Government EVP of Community Diversity and  2018  Orientation Committee Member

  • awareness
  • identity
  • honor
  • whole person
  • Christ-like
  • blessings

"self-denial and walking together into vulnerability" 

"coming together again healing broken relationships" 
– Billye Kee, Associate Director of the Office of Multicultural Development

"We need more! God’s Kingdom" 

 "sufficiently addressing wrongs to restore harmony" 
– Elijah Kaiss ’19, Shalom Male PPL of Shalom Community

"understanding of people’s facing injustices" 
– Alyssa Miller ‘21, Public Relations Manager of William Osborne Society

  • listen
  • respect
  • patience


  • commitment
  • time

"apologizing, forgiving, forgetting" 

"same blood of Noah, different cultures" 

"Honor and respect each other’s values." 

 "unity in the body of Christ" 

"wonderfully different, one in Christ" 

"Value integration strengths of people of diverse groups." 

"Honestly care and show it." 

  • biblical
  • God -established
  • love - driven
  • unifying

– Ken Larson, Investment Manager/Chief Trust Officer

"Everyone is a child of God."

"Always look beyond labels."

"receptive of cultures and traditions"

"Acknowledge different races & their backgrounds."

"Grieving truth and reconciliation must co-exist."

"continually and collectively laboring for shalom"

"Listen, and learn from one another. "

  • interact 
  • embrace 
  • listen
  • encourage 
  • understand

"Jesus can help us do it." 

 "I want to do it well." 

 "It seems like it’s really hard." 

 "I’m afraid to do it wrong." 

 "personal & structural/systemic change" 

  • acceptance
  • friendship
  • love
  • commitment
  • listen
  • encourage 

"Love all people as God does." 

"restoring relationships to God’s original intent" 
– Octavia Powell ’20, William Osborne Vice President/Alumni Engagement Office

"pursuit of equal partnership in relationships" 

"confronting history’s role in present realities" 
– Will Creagh ’21, Brotherhood Coordinator of William Osborne Society

"a going back to good gathering" 

  • repentance
  • listening
  • reparations
  • equity 
  • inclusion

"open-hearted, one-on-one listening. 

 – Barbara Farley, M.M., B.M. Prep Violin for the Community School of Arts

"We're all God's children, one family." 

"Sin separates us; Christ unites us!." 

"care, just treatment, unity, restoration" 

"colorblind, love" 

"Acknowledge existence, pray humbly, act Christ-like." 

 – Community School of Arts members

  • humility
  • commonality
  • empathy
  • respect
  • dignity
  • worth

 "respecting the humanity of all individuals" 

 "come together, respect, learn, and grow" 

"respect for all of Christ's Kingdom" 

"intentional movement toward understanding all people" 

"'oneness' as it pertains equal sacred identity" 

"embracing and rejoicing in cultural differentness" 

"listening and equal respectful civil conversation " 

"sharing experiences together with God's love" 

 " transcending inequity within God's family" 

 " God loves everyone. We should too." 

" seeking to humbly understand each other" 

" knowing God created all races" 

" equal partnership in relationship" 

" justice, changes in thoughts and actions" 

" open ears, open minds, open hearts"