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Wheaton's Kingdom Diversity Champions

Wheaton's Kingdom Diversity Champions

Dr. Beitler, headshot, smiling, background treesDr. James E. Beitler

Wheaton Students are saying

"Dr. Beitler exemplified the voice of justice in the classroom, which was a nurturing learning community for every student. He practices the fruits of the Spirit to show compassion on students of every background and intellectual level."

"Dr. Beitler encouraged us to share our testimonies through literary discourse, inviting us to sympathize and connect with our neighbors."

"As a true disciple of God, Dr. Beitler encouraged his students to pursue the love of Christ."

"Dr. Beitler is an excellent candidate for this award because he loves God’s Word and fosters literary and spiritual maturity for students of Wheaton College."

cropDr. Nathan Cartagena

Wheaton Students are saying

"Professor Cartagena was one of the first to open my eyes to the current racial injustices that plague the United States and taught me to accept all things with gratitude even as we learn to lament and correct what out to be lamented and corrected." 

"He continues to be one of my greatest advocates and inspiration as I process through what it means to be a Person of Color at Wheaton. "

"He has been one of the most influential profs I’ve ever had and I believe he is fully worthy of this award and more. I believe he truly takes on the character and heart of Jesus with humility and passion.

"He is also very wise and merciful in his communications with students and faculty, and he is always pouring time into mentoring students and helping them process abuse or whatever other trauma they have endured."

Dr. Christin Fortcrop

Wheaton Students are saying

"Dr. Fort is regularly brainstorming and implementing initiatives both structural and relational to support students, faculty and staff of color."

"She also fosters a warm and safe environment within our lab for students of different... backgrounds to speak openly around matters concerning diversity, inclusion and unity and how that is relevant to their identity as agents of social justice within the church, the Wheaton community, and their prospective fields of interest in psychology."

"Dr. Fort exemplifies excellent examinations around stigmas around different ethnicities in Abnormal Psychology. She always makes the effort to talk about disparities, and more importantly educates students about race within psychology."


Dr. Theon Hill

Wheaton Students are saying

"Dr. Hill teaches a class once a year, one which totally changed my perspective of the racial conflict in America. It was because of that class that I began to notice my white privilege and how others, including black people but in general people of color, are not given equal privileges in capitalist America." 

"Through Dr. Hill's classes, students like me have learned to engage race and to be trained to fight for justice while keeping a love for mercy."

" Dr. Hill clearly desires for the church to be unified and is willing to do the hard work of speaking out against the things that could divide her (either sin or a refusal to acknowledge sin)."

"Dr. Hill has a way of making students feel heard and seen, which is a powerful experience, especially for students of color and other students who are often forgotten in the classroom setting. Having Dr. Hill as a professor has changed the way I view the world and others; he is someone who practices God’s justice and righteousness, and he encourages students to do the same as Christ’s church."

"Dr. Theon Hill is committed to the praxis of love to which Christ calls us, as evidenced by his commitment to justice and equity."

 cropDr. George Kalantzis

Wheaton Students are saying

"Dr. Kalantzis encourages us to carefully choose whom we learn from and to choose a diversity of teachers. Throughout the class, we read the teachings from a diverse group of theologians..."

"He chooses to humbly dialogue with his students instead of claiming to have all the answers. He truly honors the diversity in every person he interacts with."

"Dr. Kalantzis practices what he teaches. He encourages those in my class from all different gender, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to share their experiences."

cropDr. Henry Kim

Wheaton Students are saying

"I see him uplifting and pushing students of color and women..."

"Dr. Henry Kim has been one of the faculty members that I have seen be present in the lives of the students on campus."

"Dr. Kim seeks to educate students on how to best love others including those from different races, socioeconomic statuses, and walks of life."

"He regularly discusses and investigates the wellbeing of students and consistently goes beyond the call of duty to create a safe space of inclusion, discovery, and discussion for students of color and minority status."

"He’s called so many of us to grow in our posture of justice and to think beyond how we normally see in our context"

cropDr. Emily McGowin

Wheaton Students are saying

"Dr. Emily McGowin regularly opens the floor for students to consider the lived experiences of women and people of color when considering historical perspectives of theology. "

"Dr. McGowin ensures that different perspectives are heard and valued in the classroom. She is compassionate toward the hurting, and grants mercy to those who are causing the hurt."

"As I leave Wheaton shortly, I hope to be half as grace-filled and justice- committed as Dr. Emily McGowin is. I am so thankful for her and the gift that she is to this institution."

cropMs. Crystal Cartwright

Wheaton Students are saying

"Both her personality and welcoming office space create an environment of hospitality and a place for students to be themselves, even with the pressures and expectations of their SAO roles."

"Crystal Cartwright directs the SAO with a strong priority for supporting minority students in positions of leadership. "

"On and off the job, she speaks up for racial justice and the empowerment of women of color. Her prophetic way of speaking shapes the way students lead on campus."

cropMr. Stephen Cartwright

Wheaton Students are saying

"Steve has advocated alongside students in the margins in an incredibly kind and unifying way. "

"I have seen Steve model a life that is honest and willing to share joy and lament, especially those of communities of color. Yet even though the past year has presented so many challenges, it is still common to hear voices and bellowing laughter upon arrival at the doorstep to Steve’s apartment."

"Steve has been a model of inclusivity from the moment he stepped on campus almost 4 years ago. His deep care for Fischer residents and the campus community as a whole shows through how he interacts with others and how he leads his RA Staff Team. "


cropMr. Stevener Gaskin

Wheaton Students are saying

"Stevener is someone who invites you and desires to make everyone's story and voice heard. He desires to include people and make other's feel known. I am thankful to know Stevener and the way he embodies justice, care, and unity for our campus."

"Stevener Gaskin, as the Advisor of College Union this year, played a huge part in facilitating diverse and inclusive conversations among the team and programming for the campus this year."

"Gaskin works to amplify unheard voices both on the College Union team and on Wheaton's Campus as a whole."

"As his Graduate Advisor, I've seen Stevener navigate conversations surrounding social and racial justice with a posture of empathy, love, grace, and education, leaving no space for shame or condemnation."

cropDr. Mary Yeboah

Wheaton Students are saying

"Dr. Mary Yeboah... speaks openly about her intersectional identity as a White woman and encourages students in their racial identity development."

"Mary has not only made contributions and change on campus that champion greater diversity, Kingdom inclusion, justice, and unity for all, but also in her community at large."

"She works hard to unite decision-making bodies on campus to increase the visibility of cultural differences and minority needs."

"Mary Yeboah without a doubt embodies the mission behind the Rodney Sisco Diversity award. She faithfully and selflessly stands in the gap for Students. She is a champion for diversity, justice, and inclusion. She always is a voice for the voiceless."