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AAPI Resources

As we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and navigate current U.S. events, we invite you to learn more about the Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander community's unique experiences through the recommended resources listed below.

Wheaton Faculty AAPI Publications

Dr. Henry H. Kim

  • 'America' in Colonial Korea: A Vantage Point for Capitalist Modernity, Positions: Asia Critique 26.4
    Kim, Hanmee Na, November 2018

  • The Meanings of America in Modern Korea: A Study of Korean Diplomatic, Cultural, and Intellectual Engagements with America, 1852-1945, UCLA, 2014
  • How the Model Minority Thesis Became a Transcendent Meaning, Christian Scholar's Review
    Kim, Henry H. 2014.

  • Asian Americans, Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health,
    Kim, Henry H. 2012.

Dr. Karen An-Hwei Lee

  • 2018 “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Kombucha and Xenophobia" & "Dear Tokubetsu, or the Octopus Jar as a Broken Heart." Cosmonauts Avenue. Web. 2018 “Dear Millennium, a Nocturne of Questions.” Third Coast. Western Michigan University. Print.
  • 2017 “Blue Soliloquy vs. Xenophobia.” Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism 16.1: 37. Smith College. Northampton, Massachusetts. University of Indiana Press. Print.
  • 2017 "X is not for Xenophobia in Mandarin" and "A Wind Machine for Oranges Up North." 8-West Press. Web.  
  • 2014 “X is for Xenophobia.” The Missouri Review. Poem of the Week. 14 April 2014. University of Missouri. Web. 
  • 2013 “Dear Xenophobia,” “Dear Sor Juana,” “On the Autobiographical Injunction of Persimmons,” “Kafka Faces up to His Old Flames,” and “On Lilies and Cyclamen.” So To Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art Summer 2013: 26-31. George Mason University. Print.
  • 2008 “Lines from Here to Asia.” Blue Mesa Review 20: 40. University of New Mexico. Print.

Dr. Michael Hakmin Lee

Dr. Yousaf Sadiq 

  • The Contextualized Psalms (Punjabi Zabur)
    A Precious Heritage of the Global Punjabi Christian Community
  • Psalms as bridge-building between Christians and MuslimsEvangelical Quarterly, 2019

  • Jesus’ Encounter with a Woman at the Well: A South Asian PerspectiveMissiology: An International Review, 2018

  • A Precious Gift: The Punjabi Psalms and the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Imam-ud-Din ShahbazInternational Bulletin of Missionary Research, 2014

    Bible Translation in PakistanThe Oxford Encyclopedia of South Asian Christianity, 2010


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