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External Resources

This is a brief compiled list of resources related to diversity, race relations, multiculturalism, as well as other issues, that are available on the Web.

Please note that as you click on these links you are leaving the Wheaton College website.


Diversity and Inclusive Excellence: The Association of American Colleges and Universities resource for issues of diversity in higher education. 

Inter-University Program for Latino Research: Several links and archived research projects. 

Project Implicit: You can go to this site and take an "Implicit Association Test" and read about their worldwide research. 

Dolan DNA Learning Center: Visit the DNA Learning Center for up to date articles on genes in Education. Click on "Resources" and visit the Eugenics Archive to learn about a "nadir in American law and society."

Access to American Cultural Heritages: A Study Guide to Issues of Representation, Delivery and Control. A guide to materials assembled for a UC Berkeley class.

Teaching Tolerance: How Tolerant Are You. A Web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Tolerance.org encourages people from all walks of life to "fight hate and promote tolerance." The site contains multiple Implicit Association Tests (IAT), which measure unconscious bias. 

Financial Aid

The National Data Base Scholarships: Scholarship search. A website that searches for financial aid for students from ethnic minority backgrounds. 

FinAid!: This page contains information about scholarships and fellowships for students of color. This is maintained by the FinAid organization. 

Miscellaneous Links

The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture 

UCLA Ethnic Studies Publication Catalog: Several articles from academic journals are available free at this website. Please note that UCLA has Ethnic Studies "Centers" for each category. 

Committee of 100: This group recently did a research project on "American Attitudes Towards Chinese Americans and Asian Americans." Their findings are available online. 

Munirah: Munirah (moo-NEE-rah) is an Arabic word from Northern Africa meaning "one who enlightens." The primary goal of The Munirah Chronicle is to bring to light the many great and momentous events that have shaped who we are as a people, culture and nation. The Munirah Chronicle is an electronic almanac that presents the historical events and facts of interest to people of color, specifically African Americans. 

Latinworld: Latin World - Latin America on the web. Latin World is building a community of information and resources about Latin America, its wonders, and its people. The objective is to serve as a communication platform for Latin Americans and people interested in Latin America.