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How Can I Explore Diversity At Wheaton?

Discover how our multicultural development organizations such as Gospel Choir, Koinonia Asian Fellowship, Unidad Christiana, William Osborne Society and others are living out Christ-centered diversity at Wheaton and learn more about how you can get involved.

Born out of a partnership between Residence Life and the Office of Multicultural Development, this intentional community multi-racial living and learning community offers the opportunity to cultivate a biblical framework for diversity, cross-cultural restorative dialogue, and self-awareness through residency, academic curriculum, educational programming, discipleship, and worship.

The Office of Multicultural Development (OMD) provides programs and resources to the campus for students to be able to engage in conversations about diversity.

Interested in learning how you can actively explore issues of diversity on campus? Check out these suggestions from the Office of Multicultural Development.

Other Suggestions for Exploring Diversity at Wheaton

While there are no "right" ways to explore diversity, we offer these suggestions as well as encouragement to always keep an open mind to different perspectives.

  • During orientation try to meet lots of students from varied backgrounds and be genuine in sharing yourself.
  • Seek out a faculty/staff mentor, especially one who understands issues of diversity.
  • Intentionally participate in the activities of the Office of Multicultural Development and the organizations Gospel Choir, Koinonia, Mu Kappa, Unidad Cristiana, and William Osborne Society.
  • Search for film opportunities and or other metro Chicago activities (music, literature, art, etc.) to both experience and reflect on issues of diversity.
  • Sign up for coursework that will foster an understanding of diversity. Examples :
    • Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations
    • Cross Cultural Psychology
    • ID Asian Studies major
    • Urban Studies Certificate
    • African American Literature
  • Do some intentional research about your own ethnicity.
  • Do some evaluation of your own attitudes regarding people who are different from yourself. For example, try taking the Implicit Association Test and share your results with a friend from another ethnicity.
  • Intentionally build relationships across gender and ethnic/cultural lines.
  • Be open about differences.
  • Don't single out one person as the "spokesperson" for their race (or gender).
  • As upperclassmen, choose to mentor/encourage underclassmen especially with regards to cultural diversity.
  • Get involved in the many opportunities for student leadership including being a Teachers Assistant (TA), and address issues of diversity within them.

Additional Activities

This list is by no means complete, but it represents a few ways to enhance your understanding of your cultural background and allows you to get to know others. We also recommend that while at Wheaton College you:

  • Travel in one of the Wheaton programs or with friends, to expand your horizons.
  • Spend some time getting to know Chicago.
  • Study in groups -- it helps the learning process immensely.
  • Effectively develop and manage your personal budget, which may include finding work. Visit the Center for Vocation and Career in the search for work.
  • Get to know departments on campus that are necessary for your academic success.
  • Talk to older students before picking professors.
  • Proofread each others' work.
  • Invest in friends and networks: they are valuable beyond college.
  • Use campus resources for future internship opportunities.


There are many wonderful resources available if you are looking to more deeply understand multicultural development. We have compiled:

It is our hope and prayer that all of these resources will help you learn and grow.

Wheaton College's Black History


Wheaton College proudly celebrates Black History Month. Our Black and African American communities enhance our experiences, deepen our knowledge, and influence our culture. Learn more at africanamericanhistorymonth.gov

WillieO 18-19

William Osborne Society: Black Student Union, Cabinet 2018-2019

Black History Month Events

The Office of Intercultural Engagement

2.12 Honoring Rodney Sisco: Rodney K. Sisco Diversity Students’ Choice Award Presentation 6:30 p.m. Meyer Science Center, Room 145
2.20 Black Excellence in Invention and Innovation with Angelique Warner '95 and Quentella Enty MBA at 6:30 p.m., Meyer Science Center, Room 145
2.27 Black Excellence in the Community with Gigi Nyesoah '00 and Roderick Simmons MA '16 6:30 p.m., Meyer Science Center, Room 145


William Osborne Society: Black Student Union

2.4 Willie O Dinner Kick-Off, 6:00 p.m., Anderson Commons
2.7 Movie Night,7:30 p.m. Meyer Science Center, Room 145
2.15 *Chapel with William Osborne Society: Black Student Union
2.22 Movie Night, 7:00 pm, Phelps Room in Lower Beamer


Office of the Chaplain

2.1 Chapel with Aasha Marie, Hip-Hop Artist (Wheaton in Chicago)
2.4 Chapel with Stevener Gaskin, Intercultural Arts Associate
2.15 Chapel with William Osborne Society: Black Student Union
2.20 Chapel with Pastor Robert Sityo, Director, Fountain of Hope Bukeeka, Uganda
2.21 Chapel with Pastor Robert Sityo
2.22 Chapel with Pastor Robert Sityo

*Chapel regularly takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:40 am. Join us in Edman Chapel, view it on livestream, or see previous chapels on YouTube.

Rodney Sisco | In the Light: Martin Luther King and the Call of the Christ-Centered Community

Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity for Latino/as to celebrate our distinct but semblant journeys as we showcase our unique cultures. There is no one latino/a mold. — Unidad Christiana Cabinet '18-'19
Blanchard Hall's Abolition History

Wheaton College's founders instilled a rich heritage in abolitionism in the institution.  They offered space in Blanchard Hall to the Underground Railroad as a place of refuge for escaped slaves.