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Housing Changes

Any housing cancellations or changes for the Spring semester must be sent for approval using this form. Students not planning to live in campus housing Spring semester, students requesting a change of rooms, or students requesting a specific roommate for the Spring semester must submit this form for Housing Services Office approval. Housing cancellations submitted after Monday, November 19 will result in a $250 Housing Cancellation Fee.

Fill out this form by Monday, November 19 to avoid a $250 Housing Cancellation Fee if:

  • You do not plan to live in college housing next semester.
  • You are requesting a change of rooms.
  • Your roommate has left or is leaving and you are requesting a specific person as your new roommate.

Full-time undergraduate students must live in college housing unless they are married, living at home with a parent, a part-time student, or were granted permission to live off-campus through the Housing Selection Process. If your roommate is leaving, you may request someone specific on this form; otherwise, the Housing Services Office may assign someone to live in your residence hall room, apartment, or house.

If you are requesting a change of housing assignment for spring semester, please note the following:

  • You must have a conversation with your Residence Hall RD/GRA or Apartment/House GRA and receive their approval in addition to submitting this form. 
  • Requests to move within a building are determined by your RD/GRA. Requests to move from one building to another are determined by the Housing Services Office based on availability and RD/GRA recommendations. The Housing Services Office will notify you of a decision regarding your request.
  • Check-out from current housing and check-in to new housing must be completed before Christmas break; otherwise, you will forfeit the opportunity to move.

If you have questions, please email the Housing Services Office at Housing.Services@wheaton.edu.