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Scheduling Your Move-In Time

Moving in to Fischer HallNew Student Check-In Information

To provide a Covid-Safe, Thunder Strong arrival all new students will sign up for a 2 hour arrival time. Upon arrival, students will visit a check-in station where they will provide a copy of their negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than five days before arrival. The check-in stations are located at Smith-Traber, Fischer Hall, and for those living in McManis-Evans, Williston, apartments and houses, you will check in at the Chrouser Sports Complex. Once confirmed, students will be given a wristband signifying they are clear. Students living in a residence hall will receive their ID access to campus dining facilities, and classes at their hall front desk once they complete their check- in paper work. Students living in the apartments and houses will be given their student ID when they receive their wristband. Students who do not check in during the approved check- in times will not be allowed to move into campus housing until they provide their negative test results to Student Health Services.

Select your move-in time

Sign up for a time that fits your travel plans. We understand traffic, flat tires, and random stops may delay your arrival. There will be grace as we are in this together. Please reach out to thundermovein@wheaton.edu if you have questions regarding signing up for a move-in time.

International, First Generation, ROTC, and Music Majors moving in on Wednesday, August 19 noon – 5:00p.m.

New Students Arriving on Wednesday
Checking in on Wednesday, August 19 between 4:00p.m -8:00p.m. 

New Students Arriving on Thursday
Thursday, August 20 between 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

*Students moving into McManis-Evans, Williston or an apartment do not need to select a "move-in" time but will check in at the Chrouser Sports Center.

Returning Students

We are excited for your return to campus and are working out the details for your arrival. Information will be posted once details are confirmed.

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