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COVID-19 Information

From the Residence Life and Housing Offices

COVID-19 has impacted both our check-out procedures as well as the timeline for selecting housing for the upcoming year.

With the early and unplanned closing of college housing, checking out of campus housing for residence halls, apartments and houses has changed. 

Spring 2020 Housing Check-Out Procedures

  • Students have until 5pm on Friday, May 8 to move out of their room/apartment.
  • Semester IDs are no longer active and in order to gain access to your living space, visit Public Safety, 924 College Avenue, for a temporary admit card. Hours are 9am-4pm any day of the week.
  • Email your Residence Director 24 hours in advance of your arrival so he/she can arrange access to storage in your building.
  • Complete the checkout form after packing up all personal belongings and removing all trash to an outside dumpster. Submission of this form triggers the housing credit process.
  • We ask that students try and pack up and leave the same day. However, if you are unable to make a quick turnaround, we will allow you to stay one night in the building before leaving the following day.

Housing Selection Process

The 2020-2021 housing selection process opens for current students on Monday, April 6 at 9:00am. Students will receive an email from housing services regarding the specific deadlines.

Newly accepted students for the 2020-2021 school year will receive an email from housing services which will provide access to the new student housing application. This email will typically be sent 2-3 weeks after receiving your acceptance email from the Admissions Office.