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Summer Housing

Housing is available during the summer for both enrolled undergrad and graduate students who are taking classes at Wheaton College. For undergrads, housing opens at noon on the Monday following graduation. Researchers, students taking part in a for-credit internship, or employed on campus may also apply for campus housing. The last night any student may spend in campus housing is the last Friday in July. All housing is closed after this date in order for apartments to be prepared for students' arrival in August.

Housing for graduate students varies according to the schedule of classes for which the student has enrolled. The housing application is due 30 days prior to the first day of your course. Prior to confirming your departure from housing, please check with the residence life office. Graduate students' last night in housing is determined by the program ending date.

While living in Wheaton College housing, all students are expected to follow the Community Covenant and all College Policies found in the Wheaton College Student Handbook