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Through self-awareness, exploration, and preparation, Wheaton students are poised to land jobs, internships, and graduate school programs that align with their interests, skills, and values. 

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Part-Time Job Fair

Students can find employement opportunities on-campus and at local businesses at our Part-Time Job Fair each fall.

Senior Job Fair

Each spring the Center for Vocation and Career hosts a Senior Job Fair. This is an opportunity for soon-to-be graduates to meet with employers and learn about open positions at companies that want to hire Wheaton Students. 

Negotiation Conversations

Our Career Coaches are trained to help students prepare for negotiation conversations when they recieve job offers or grad school acceptance packages. 


Students are able to process their internship experience(s) through this reflective curriculum, and begin thinking about how their internship impacts where they'd like to land in the future. 



Where does a Wheaton education lead?

Discover where the class of 2018 landed in our annual report. You'll see how our graduates are using their liberal arts education to embrace a rich diversity of career opportunities around the world.