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Recent Internships Obtained by Wheaton College Students

Wheaton College students have landed some valuable and inspiring internships that have helped guide the decisions they make in the future, through networking with people at Wheaton, family members, or new contacts.

My Internship at Samaritan's Purse - Brielle Lisa '18

Brielle Lisa '18 spent her summer writing, editing, researching, and marketing as an editorial intern in the Communications Department at Samaritan’s Purse’s International Headquarters in Boone, NC.

My Internship With Chick-Fil-A - Laura Jauch '16

With the help of Wheaton’s Center for Vocation and Career, computer science major Laura Jauch '16 prepared her resume and rehearsed interview questions that landed her an internship with Chick-Fil-A’s Information Technology department.

Navigating the Competitive World of Journalism - Kirkland An '17

Thanks to his experience with Wheaton's journalism certificate, working for The Wheaton Record, and landing an internship at the Chicago Tribune, Kirkland An '17 learned a few lessons in journalism.

My Internship at the National Civic Art Society - Elise Topazian ’17

Elise Topazian ’17 gained a larger perspective on the possibilities for the future through her internship.

Landing My Summer Internship with the San Diego Padres - Lyndsey Pritchard ’16

From the interview to the day to day tasks, interning for a professional sports team proved to be a completely new and different experience for Lyndsey Pritchard ’16.

My Summer Internship at Harvest Bible Chapel - Charlotte Hallstrom '16

Leading worship, learning about the production side of creative ministry, daily office work, and bonding with coworkers kept Charlotte Hallstrom '16 pretty busy during her summer internship.

Project World Impact: A Day in the Life of the 'Social Nonprofit' Network - Anna Morris '16

After her sophomore year, Anna Morris '16 interned at PWI, a marketing company and social search engine run by 20-somethings made to search for nonprofits by cause and by location.

Lights, Camera, Action: My Experience as a FOX News Chicago Intern - Alyssa Paulsen '14

Adding to an already busy senior year at Wheaton, Alyssa Paulsen ’14 added a commute from Wheaton to Chicago for an internship with Fox News Chicago.

My Double Life: Being a Wheaton Student and Working for the FBI

A Wheaton College student describes the journey to an internship with the FBI and what it meant for the kingdom of God.