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CliftonStrengths Assessment

In order to make decisions about their future, students must first learn about themselves and others.

CliftonStrengths builds confidence in students as they discover their natural skills and abilities. It also provides common language to talk about group dynamics, career pursuits, and leadership. At Wheaton, we believe strengths are the combination of how God has wired you and your life experiences.

The CliftonStrengths Assessment has been taken by over 18 million people worldwide, and is used by the top corporations, non-profit organizations, and universities. The assessment, and more importantly, unpacking the results with a CliftonStrengths trained coach, can help students succeed as they discover and continue to develop what they naturally do best. 

We encourage students to take the assessment early on during their time at Wheaton. Students can come to the Center for Vocation and Career to purchase an online code ($12). We accept cash, check, or can bill your student account. 

After taking the assessment, students are encouraged to attend a CliftonStrengths Workshop. Students can bring their friends and roommates and register for a workshop through Handshake. The session is personalized, interactive, and can be a great way to get to know yourself and understand those around you.