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Explore these helpful resources on how to network successfully in today's job market.

What is networking?

Networking is little more than meeting people and talking with them. About themselves, their careers, and how they got there.

Who is in your network?

Really, anyone. Your parents. Their friends. People you know from church. Colleagues and supervisors where you have worked or interned. Your Career Counselors at Wheaton. The guy you caddied for at the golf course. The woman whose children you babysat. These can all be part of your network.

How do I network?

  1. Wheaton in Network (WIN) is a Wheaton College specific tool which can connect you with alumni who are interested in advising you on your career journey. 
  2. LinkedIn is a tremendous career-focused social media network that allows you to connect with individuals from your college, at the company you are hoping to work for someday, or in positions that you are pursuing. How to search for Wheaton alumni using LinkedIn and watch this video from Esther Lee Cruz '06 on how to create a great profile.
  3. Informational interviewing is a great way to grow your network. People in business are often happy to talk with students about their own stories, their companies, and the kind of work they are doing.
  4. Use Excel or other software that allows you to capture the people, contact information, and next steps in your networking efforts. It’s important to “work” your network. Having an organized list of your contacts, your past interactions, and possible future activities all in one place can help you stay organized and moving!

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