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You might be able to do the job, but can you convince someone else that you can? That’s what an interview is all about.

Interviewing is an essential life skill. According to Department of Labor statistics, 27 percent of the population with four-year college degrees or better will hold between 8 and 10 jobs during the ages of 18 and 42. So learning what it takes to confidently and successfully interview today will also serve you well in the future!

Our New Preparation Resource: Big Interview

This innovative, no cost system is available 24/7 wherever you are. It delivers both interview training and interview practice lessons and tips.

Highlights of Big Interview:

  • Access to thousands of interview questions and response suggestions.
  • Challenging, virtual mock interviews for companies and schools.
  • Unlimited mock interview recording until you capture your best.
  • Feedback by people you choose and from one of our career coaches.
  • A story creation tool to help you craft answers to behavioral questions

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