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Internship Scholarships

Apply for funds for an unpaid or underpaid summer internship

The purpose of the CVC Internship Scholarships is to provide funding for undergraduate students to supplement an unpaid or underpaid summer internship experience. Our goal is that all students will complete at least one internship before graduating from Wheaton. While some internships are paid, affordability is often a barrier to choosing a summer internship over a job. These scholarships help bridge the gap for many Wheaton students.

2018 Scholarship Application Now Open!

For more details, including eligibility for the scholarship, read the CVC Internship Scholarship Guidelines 2018.

Apply for a scholarship by March 15.

One faculty or staff recommendation is required as a part of your application. Recommendations are due by March 15.

Scholarship Stories

Find out how the CVC scholarship made an internship with Reach Records possible for Brian Connelly ’19.


The CVC team can help you find and land a summer internship! Check out the story of Tramaine Kaleebu ’18.