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Taco Tuesdays

Attend an industry dinner with alumni

Taco Tuesdays are an excellent way to learn about different careers and enjoy tacos with alumni. Only 30 spots available at every event!

Taco Tuesday 2017-2018

Fall Semester

Sept 19:  Careers on Wall Street                                               

Oct 3:  Careers in Government & Public Policy/Law    

Oct 10:  Careers in Consulting            

Nov 14:  Careers in Marketing/Big Data           

Spring Semester

Jan 16:  Careers in Sales/Account Management     

Jan 30:  Careers with “Hot” Brands                  

Feb 13:  Careers for Entrepreneurs          

Feb 20:  Careers in Art/Design/Branding

Mar 27:  Careers in Science    

April 10:  Careers in Copywriting/Editing/Publishing                                              

RSVP for an upcoming Taco Tuesday on HandshakeHave a career in one of these industries and interested in being one of our speakers? Contact Deborah.Carlson@wheaton.edu                                                                                       

Taco Tuesday 2016-2017

Wall Street Finance

Marketing In The Digital Age


Human Resources

Supply Chain/Logistics

Sales/Account Managemen

Church Ministry 

Sales Careers

Non-profit Management

Government/Public Policy