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About the Center for Vocation and Career

Our Vision

That all students would:

  • develop a plan for life after graduation,
  • have the tools necessary to implement their unique plan,
  • and be provided ample opportunity to execute their vocational plan,
  • as we educate them as whole persons who build the church and benefit society worldwide.

Our Career Model

Sometimes the journey to a student's future can seem a bit random or even chaotic. And that is true, but only because just as students are constantly changing, so are their vocational aspirations. Once students discover that, they will begin to see how all of the pieces are actually connected to each other. It looks something like this:

Your unique plan

Research shows that career paths aren't as linear as they used to be. The average person will change jobs 10-15 times in the course of their career, and their career journey will be constantly evolving. So why would the journey to that first job and beyond be a simple four step plan? It’s not, and that's ok! Through this lifelong process, grit, resilience, and adaptability will develop as students navigate their own unique career plan. All along the way, the Center for Vocation and Career team will be right beside them.

Identifying skills, interests, and values grounds this process. You can already see how this can be complicated. After all, these are changing and developing throughout our lives! The model pictured above helps remind students that they will need to revisit these, reevaluating throughout their years at Wheaton and beyond. The CVC will provide the tools for students to identify their strengths and marketplace skills.

Students must have the chance to explore opportunities that may or may not align with their skills and interests. They begin to figure out the possibilities that exist and try them on for size. We learn as much from the experiences that were not a great fit as we do from the ones we loved! This means doing job shadowing, informational interviews, and internships. The CVC curates many of these exploration opportunities for students.

As students approach graduation, they get ready to launch and execute their unique plan. This may look like a full time job, graduate school, a gap year experience, or an adventure or creative pursuit. Preparing well to launch is key. Much of the senior year programs we offer senior year focus on that preparation, including interview prep and negotiating job offers and school acceptances. But preparation goes beyond the job; it extends to all of adult life beyond Wheaton. From budgeting to finding community outside of Wheaton, we offer students important life preparation.