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About the Center for Vocation and Career

Our Vision

That all students would:

  • develop a plan for life after graduation,
  • have the tools necessary to implement their unique plan,
  • and be provided ample opportunity to execute their vocational plan,
  • as we educate them as whole persons who build the church and benefit society worldwide.

The Blueprint

Preparing for the future can be unfamiliar and multi-layered. At the Center for Vocation and Career, we’ve created The Blueprint to help students structure their effort and time as they navigate this new process. 

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Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is foundational when thinking about the future. Examining your vocations, interests, competencies, skills, and values sets you up for meaningful work. This is the where we encourage students to exert most of their initial time and effort, engaging with CVC resources like myStory and taking the CliftonStrengths assessment. This foundation is where they'll return again and again as they explore and prepare; adding new layers from the learning they've done along the way.

Explore Possibilities

Exploration is the primary means for discovering what a student will actually enjoy doing, rather than what they think they will enjoy doing. Students can do this through classes, part-time jobs, internships, networking with alumni, attending CVC exploration events like Taco Tuesdays, Networking Night, Externship Day, and more.


Preparation includes assembling all the tools a student needs to articulate who they are to prospective employers and graduate schools. This includes documents like resumes, CVs, personal statements, and cover letters, as well as interview best practices and etiquette.


Once a student has leaned into each layer of the blueprint effectively, they are best positioned to land in a role that aligns with their interests, skills, competencies, and values.



At Wheaton and Beyond

Research shows that the average person will change jobs 10-15 times in the course of their career, and their career journey will be constantly evolving.

If that's the case, our lifelong approach to career and vocation using The Blueprint will help students navigate this process while at Wheaton and beyond. Whether they land on Broadway, Wall Street, or Main Street, we know God will use them to build the church and benefit society worldwide.