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Join In!

If you are interested in writing for or helping produce Sub-Creation, you are more than welcome to the team! Contact us and let us know if you would like to submit your work, help select content, design layout, read submissions, or a pleasant mixture of all of the above.

Submission Guidelines

We would be honored if you chose to share your sub-creation with us. Please keep these guidelines in mind as you prepare your submission:

  • We welcome submissions from any member of the Wheaton College community, whether student, faculty, staff, or alum. Only two pieces from any one author may be submitted per issue.
  • For copyright reasons, we must limit our published selection to original characters and worlds only. Please, no fan-fiction or fan-art.
  • While the journal's main emphasis is on fiction, we will also consider poetry, non-fiction, essay, and art for publication.
  • The journal will only publish genre fiction. The genres included are:
    • Science fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Mystery
    • Action/Adventure
    • Horror
    • Western
  • We are interested in any mix of these or similar genres. If your piece falls under a genre we missed, please contact us and ask about it. We will most likely welcome your story!
  • Short fiction is preferred, but chapters of longer stories may have the opportunity to be published serially.
  • Essays and other non-fiction submissions may be on these genres themselves, authors who write in them, personal experiences with genres, reviews of popular works of genre fiction, etc.
  • Art submissions must have as their main subject something to do with the target genres. Please submit your work as a high-resolution PDF.


  • Fall semester - October 31
  • Spring semester - March 30

We will accept submissions at any point during the semester, but only those submitted before the above dates will be considered for the current issue. Submissions should be e-mailed as attachments. If your piece is too big for an e-mail attachment, simply contact the same address for further instructions.