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Special Interest Clubs

Art Collective

To support and foster participation in art, whether by viewing or creating, through offering open events at minimal costs to the student body.

Badminton Club

To build an inclusive community for new and experienced players to enjoy recreational badminton.

Ballroom Dance Club

To communally learn the art of ballroom dancing, the end result being for all members to achieve a basic proficiency in a variety of ballroom dance styles including: waltz, foxtrot, two-step, tango, and quickstep.

Board Game Society

To create a place and time of relaxation and destressing for the Wheaton community through board, tabletop, and card games.

Bowling Thunder

To foster a fun and competitive community through the sport of bowling that does not exclude potential members and and is not restricted to an individual season throughout the year.

The Catholic Society of St. John Paul

To provide and enhance connections to and within the Catholic student community on campus. 

College Democrats

To create and foster a community oriented around discussing and advocating for leaft-leaning solutioins in the Wheaton College community.

The Creation Society

To open dialogue about Young Earth Creationism, to discover what the Bible says about creation, and to discuss scientific evidence in light of Biblical creation.


To show that anime is a medium, not a genre, and to show beauty through these films.

The Knights of Thunder

To provide opportunities for anyone interested in chess to learn, play, and compete. To intellectually stimulate, yet also be a relaxed setting, to play a fun game of chess.

Songwriting and Composition

Student Managed Investment Fund

To equip and educate members in the process of managing the group's Fund through immersion in an environment that seeks to replicate that of a professional asset manager.  Check out our website to find out more.

Students for Religious Liberties

To educate the student body on the state of religious liberties in the United States and the world. To be an intermediary between students and D.C. organizations.


The mission of this club is to promote career development amongst the women on Wheaton's campus.  Through facilitating conversation, encouraging action, and exploring career possibilities, Thrive4 hopes to bridge the gap between women as students and women in the workplace.

The Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds exists to unite Wheaton's campus over a common admiration for birds.  We routinely go on birding outings (no previous experience required) and occasionally host other events related to ornithology.

The U

To see God bring revival to the campus of Wheaton College.

Wheaton College Republicans

Wheaton College Republicans strives to search out and uphold biblical principles and values and apply them to politics and participation; to create political awareness on the college campus; to provide opportunities for political participations; and to promote the platform of the Republican Party.

Wheaton College Running Club

The Wheaton College Running Club provides an opportunity for students to fellowship through athletics outside of competitive sports.  The Wheaton College Running Club meets once weekly to run together and all levels of runners are welcome.

Wheaton League

To reach out in the untouched field of gaming and impact lives where God’s love has not yet been spread. It is a gathering place for Wheaton College students interested in League of Legends that are passionate about influencing the gaming community for Christ and His Kingdom.

Wheaton College Tolkien Society

To bring together Wheaton College faculty, staff, and students to enjoy, discuss, and have activities relating to the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien.  More

Wheaton Smash Bros

To provide a community for Wheaton students seeking to learn, teach, and encourage one another in competitive Super Smash Bros.

Wheaton College Swing Dance Club

To foster community and a love of swing dancing through lessons and dancing.

Wheaton College Vegetarian Club

To provide resources and establish a community for vegetarians and people with other dietary restriction on campus. To advocate for dignity of all of God's creatures, indlucing human beings. To educate the student body on the principles of vegtarianism as they relate to God's vision for the Creation. To see students grow in awareness above their food consumption habits, especially as they relate to their God-ordained care for the environment and the oppressed.

Young Americans For Freedom

To advocate for the ideals of limited government, free enterprise, tradiitonal values, a strong national defense, and individual responsibility. To discuss how these ideals relate to our Christian faith.

Young Democratic Socialists of Wheaton