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Political Clubs

Political Clubs

John Quincy Adams Society

 The John Quincy Adams Society at Wheaton College exists to equip the next generation of leaders to positively influence our world by helping students intellectually engage in conversations regarding our nation's foreign affairs and bringing networking/career-building opportunities to our campus.

We aim to impact students spiritually, professionally, and academically through our regular meetings, special events, and discussions that touch on a wide range of foreign policy topics.

Wheaton College Democrats

 Wheaton College Democrats seeks to educate, influence and empower Wheaton students interested in progressive values and bipartisan dialogue. We hope to equip students with the support and guidance needed to engage in political discussion in a Christ-centered way. 

Wheaton College Republicans

Wheaton College Republicans strives to search out and uphold biblical principles and values and apply them to politics and participation; to create political awareness on the college campus; to provide opportunities for political participations; and to promote the platform of the Republican Party. 

Young Women for America