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Student Leadership


2020-2021 Recruitment

The following leadership teams are currently recruiting student leaders for the 2020-21 school year. Follow the links for more information on each team's application process. 

Chaplain's Office

Visit the Spiritual Life page or stop by the Chaplain's Office in Lower Beamer for more information.

  • Student Chaplain and Chapel Band Worship Leader hiring processes are underway.
  • Discipleship Ministries Cabinet and Coach applications are due by midnight on Thursday, January 30.
  • Discipleship Ministries Leader, Class Chaplain, and Chapel Band Member applications will be made available through a campus-wide email in February. 

Please email chaplains.office@wheaton.edu or stop by the Chaplain's Office with questions. 

Multicultural Development

Visit the Multicultural Organizations page to find out more or stop by the OMD in Lower Beamer for applications. 

  • 1-2-1
  • Gospel Choir
  • Koinonia
  • Shalom Community
  • Unidad Cristiana
  • William Osborne Society

Christian Outreach

Apply for OCO Leadership opportunities or stop by the OCO in Lower Beamer for more information.

  • BreakAway Ministry
  • Christian Service Council
  • Global Urban Perspectives
  • Student Ministry Partners
  • World Christian Fellowship
  • Youth Hostel Ministry

Student Activities

Explore SAO Leadership Opportunities or stop by the SAO in Lower Beamer for more information. 

  • College Union
  • Solidarity Cabinet
  • Student Government

Student Engagement

Student Engagement teams include Orientation Committee, Media Team, and Storytelling Project. OC teams are filled in the Fall of each year. Visit the Intercultural Arts & Media page for more information about Media Team and Storytelling Project.

Student Publications

Email amy.newell@wheaton.edu for Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager applications.

  • The Record
  • Kodon

International Student Programs

Explore International Student Groups to be involved in the ISP Office. 

  • Axis
  • Ladder Leaders
  • MuKappa
  • International Apartments

Alumni & Parent Engagement

Apply online for the Student Alumni Board. Contact alyssa.rick@wheaton.edu, Coordinator of Student and Young Alumni Programs in Alumni & Parent Engagement, for more information.


Contact rachel.ehorn@wheaton.edu, Deke Advisor, or stop by the Welcome Center for more information.

Student Engagement Facebook Page

'Like' us on Facebook for access to photos and videos of Student Engagement events throughout the school year!