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William Osborne Society

17-18 Willie-O group photo


The William Osborne Society exists to provide Black students an avenue to make their unique contribution to Wheaton College. Our goal is to provide the space for all students to fellowship, serve, play and worship together in the context of Black cultures in order to make Wheaton College more reflective of the wider world for Christ and His Kingdom.


In order to achieve our mission we have developed a fourfold vision for the William Osborne Society. Our first aim is to promote Black fellowship and leadership. Our second aim is to provide opportunities for community outreach and service. Our third aim is to invite Wheaton students to share and participate in Black cultures. And our fourth, and final, aim is to worship in the context of the Black church.

William Osborne Society was established in 1987.

A Student's Insight

William Osborne Society at Wheaton CollegeOne of the great things about Willie-O this year, according to junior Prisca Tuyishime '17, is the community that has been developed. Prisca shared that Willie-O has been an extremely important community to her because it is a safe place to gather with students who look like her and care about her experiences. She also appreciates the group’s sense of honesty and vulnerability they have shared throughout the year.

One of the highlights of the year has been the Rhythm and Praise Chapel service that Willie-O organized. They shared their experiences and culture with the rest of campus in an offer of worship to God.


Christian Ganza President
Natia Weathers   Secretarial/Business Mgr.
Kiki Francois    Events Coordinator
Brittany Bradley   Events Coordinator
Charity May Public Relations Mgr.
Sammie Shields Brotherhood Coordinator
Natasha Brown Sisterhood Coordinator
Jonavan Huggins Chaplain


How to find more information

Instagram- @williamosbornesociety
Willie-O Located in the OMD


Upcoming Events

Mental Health Panel: Feb. 2nd
Black Expo: Feb. 9th
Second Roundtable: Feb. 18th
Diane Nash Lecture: Feb. 21st
Prison Ministries Coffee House: Feb. 22nd
Black Dance Party (Jay Spencer, DJ): Feb. 23rd