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In response to Christ's love, Wheaton Koinonia exists to glorify God through the unique cultures of Asian community.

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Koinonia is an organization that seeks to serve and empower Asian/Asian-American students on campus through fellowship, education, and advocacy. We seek to be an avenue for familial community as well be a hub of discussion and education surrounding the reality of living as an Asian person in the racial context of Wheaton, the United States, and the world. Our hope is to see Asian/Asian-American students thrive at Wheaton and beyond through becoming aware of and celebrating their God-ordained ethnicity in ways that benefit the Kingdom of God.


Koinonia, which means 'fellowship' in Greek, strives to help foster a relationship with Christ. Wheaton Koinonia has decided to emphasize three objectives for the year. First, Koinonia dedicates itself to celebrate Asian identity in Christ; secondly, the group will aspire to deepen interpersonal relationships for God; and lastly, it is our tertiary goal to improve structure and transparency within Koinonia. For more information on Koinonia please contact any of the cabinet members.


Sarah Kil         President
Jason Lee   Vice-President
Jacob Yoon Cho   Business Manager
Micah Lam   Secretary
Ziyue (Siya) Gu   Large Group Coord.
Ryan Kim   Special Events Coord.
Promise Kim    Publicity Manager
Ashley Koh   Public Relations Liaison    


How to find more information

Find more information through signing up for our weekly emails wheatonkoinonia@gmail.com, join our Facebook group (Wheaton Koinonia), or come ou to our events!

Upcoming Events

January Large Group: Friday, January 27th, 2018
Chinese Lunar New Year Festival: Friday, February 16th, 2018
March Large Group: Friday, March 23rd, 2018
April Large Group:  Friday, April 13th  2018