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Get Involved

Do you want to get involved with SG? Do you want to serve the campus community, grow in your faith, or learn more about your passions and gifts? Perhaps you have some ideas for strengthening the educational and spiritual environment of Wheaton. Whatever your interest, here are just a few suggestions for how to plug in with SG:

Speak Up

Student Government gladly welcomes your comments and ideas. Speak with any SG member or email us at student.government@my.wheaton.edu.

Attend Our Meetings

Student Government meetings are open for members of the student body to attend and we encourage you to join us and offer your feedback. We value your suggestions and ideas. Here is a list of our meeting times and contact information:

SG Board

  • Student Government Board: Wednesdays @ 3:30 pm, Parmelee Room, Lower Beamer Center

Class Councils

  • Senior Class Council: Contact Taddie Cook or Joshua Franker for location
  • Junior Class Council: Contact Amy Rice or Grant Dunnavan for location 
  • Sophomore Class Council: Contact Layla Landeros or Jason Meyer for location 
  • Freshman Class Council: Contact Elijah Owens or Amelia Miller for location

Executive Committees

  • Student Care: Contact Elise Schleicher for location 
  • Academic Affairs:  Contact Nat Lewis or Sarah Yoon for location
  • College Life: Contact Jacob Buterbaugh for location
  • Community Diversity: Contact Estefy Hernandez for location 
  • Finance & Technology Committee: Contact Luke Witzig for location
  • Campus Sustainability Committee: Contact Averi Cumings for location 
  • Global Engagement: Contact Riley Hobby for location

Join a Committee

Interested in a particular aspect of SG? Whether it's serving your class by planning various events, addressing specific class-related projects, researching and developing policy recommendations about student or academic life, allocating funds to special interest clubs, or developing educational discussions about global engagement, ethnic diversity and racial issues, or emotional and mental health concerns, there are several committees that will provide you with an opportunity to engage campus issues, serve your peers, and learn about leadership. SG watches out for the best interests of all students and invites you to participate. Check out Who We Are for a list of committees and contact names.

Run for Student Government

Student Body President and Vice President Elections take place the second week after Spring Break. All other Executive Cabinet Vice President seats as well as Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Class Officer Elections take place the third week after Spring Break. Freshman Class President and Vice President Elections are held the third week in September. Applications for Administrative Cabinet positions are available the last week of March in the Student Activities Office. To qualify for an elected position, students must print out a petition and collect the necessary signatures, and agree to certain terms and conditions. More information is available in the Student Activities Office.