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Opportunities and Expectations

Opportunities and Expectations

Here are some of the main things that you will want to know about the Shalom Community: 

The Shalom Community Mission

The Shalom Community contributes to students becoming whole and faithful Christians who pursue interracial healing and challenge racism within their spheres of influence.

The Shalom Community Vision

To cultivate a Biblical framework for diversity, cross-cultural restorative dialogue, celebration of ethnic and racial diversity, and self-awareness within the context of a Christ-centered, multi-racial living learning community, including academic curriculum, educational programming, and Christian fellowship.

Live with Like-Minded Peers

This is a sweet opportunity to live, take a class, and interact with people who care about ideas in similar ways that you do and to learn from each other. 

Live in a Campus House

Spots in campus houses are always coveted.  Being involved in the Shalom Community gives you a spot in a house just behind the tennis courts close to all of campus yet in a home.

Impact Campus

Participants have the opportunity to impact the campus in great ways.  The conversations you have and the once-a-semester events you put on have the opportunity to impact campus in student led ways. As some of the initial participants, have an opportunity to create a culture of living and learning for years to come.

Meet Weekly for Meals and/or Discussion

Participants are expected to take part in weekly meeting times that range from meals together to group discussions to planning of events for the rest of Wheaton's community.  These opportunities are student led and about the topics you care about.

Enroll in SOC 337 Racial and Ethnic Relations

All Shalom Community participants will be enrolled in SOC 337 - Race and Ethnic Relations.  The opportunity to learn in the classroom and bring these discussions back to your houses is highly valued.

Attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Wheaton will pay for all participants to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference at Northpark University in the Fall of 2016.