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Campus Involvement

Campus Involvement

Whether coordinating a '70s roller-disco, digging trenches for an irrigation project in Honduras, facilitating a pivotal business meeting, or raising awareness about systemic racism, Wheaton students are engaged in a variety of experiences that contribute to both their growth as Christians and building life-long friendships.

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Student Engagement Events Spring 2019

Feb. 17 WCF Sunday Night Prayer    OCO
Feb. 18 President's Ball    SAO
Feb. 21-23 WCF Kingdom Prayer Vigil    OCO
Feb. 22 Confessions    OCO
Feb. 23 Confessions    OCO
March 17         All School Communion Chaplain's
March 22         Roller Disco SAO
March 24         WCF Sunday Night Prayer OCO
March 29         CoffeeHouse SAO
April 3         Class Officer Election Day SAO
April 6         Spring Community Work Day (Part 1) OCO
April 11         CoffeeHouse SAO
April 13         Spring Community Work Day (Part 2) OCO
April 13        Gospel Choir Spring Concert OMD
April 14        All School Communion Chaplain's
April 27        MOVE SAO
May 3        OMD Spring Banquet OMD
May 5        All School Communion Chaplain's


Leadership Teams

Serve on Student Government, plan campus-wide events, lead mission trips, run a club, or serve in one of many other leadership roles on campus. These student leaders are essential in shaping the campus environment in a variety of different ways.

Annual Events and Traditions

Every year student groups on campus put on events including weekly lectures, campus-wide dances, concerts, coffee house performances, and much more.  Beyond that, Wheaton has unique traditions, such as the senior bench, a bench that is fought over by the seniors and juniors, that have been around for decades.

Students dancing at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for the 2018 annual President's Ball. 


With genres of clubs ranging from academic honor societies, performance, social justice, and special interest groups, there is something for everyone. These student-initiated and managed clubs truly enrich the atmosphere of Wheaton College, providing avenues for students to express their passions and interests, develop leadership and management skills, and have a ton of fun.

Students celebrating at the Lunar New Year Festival, an event put on by the Chinese Language and Culture Club.

Get Involved in Clubs