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Why The Vanguard Gap Year?

The Christian Liberal Arts Gap Year Experience


The Vanguard Gap Year

Students will receive:

  • Vocational training: Vanguards will have exposure to a variety of life- and job-skills training as part of this program in the following areas (based on interest, ability, and availability): food service, vehicle and building maintenance, hospitality, grounds care, outdoor adventure programming, audio/visual services, IT, and marketing
  • Academic preparation:  Vanguards will learn to think critically, write well, and practice communication skills under the direction of expert Wheaton College staff and faculty. They will build a portfolio of reflection papers, group presentations, and services project experience that could count for college course credit.
  • Life skills: Vanguards will have the opportunity to live in a community where they are responsible for making healthy decisions about their emotional, physical, and spiritual health
  • Close community: Vanguards experience deep and lasting friendships. A 2008 research project on friendship formation at Wheaton showed that HoneyRock is second only to dorm life as the place where best friendships are formed. Shared life and experiences give Vanguards opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Upon successful completion of the Vanguard program, and with a positive recommendation from faculty, participants will receive preference in the undergraduate admissions process for the upcoming fall semester at Wheaton College.