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Vanguard Calendar

Vanguard Gap Year Calendar

The program begins on September 14, 2019, and ends on May 2, 2020.


  • Three weeks at Christmas
  • Two weeks in spring


Over Thanksgiving, Vanguards host their families at HoneyRock - they plan the activities, cook and serve the meal, and see to the smallest details. In the past, 100+ have gathered to celebrate the holiday together. Families to not only catch a glimpse into the Vanguard Year, but also spend quality time as individual families. It's a Thanksgiving you won't forget!


  • September: Wilderness Trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • February:  Cross-Cultural Immersion Trip to the Dominican Republic
  • March: Inner City Immersion Trip to Chicago

Historical Church Calendar Seasons

Building of our community as we understand our past. A wilderness trip and the heavy work of fall will engage our bodies in creation as we engage each other.

Seminar Topic: God's Big Story

Embracing the reality of the incarnation, God with us, as we serve the winter retreat season, welcoming a thousand guests into our space and life.

Seminar: What does it mean to be human? and What is Truth?

A season of reflection and preparation. Deepening our understanding of our need for redemption and transformation.

Seminar: What do we do with the problem of evil?

A season of renewal and life. Embracing the reality of our salvation as we engage in planting and preparation.

Seminar: What is my purpose in light of the Great Commission?

A season of equipping as we serve in the inner city and prepare to take our summer roles of ministry at HoneyRock.

Optional: A Summer at HoneyRock

After completing the 9-month Vanguard program, Vanguards have the option of working alongside HoneyRock summer staff in a variety of roles. This is an incredible opportunity to put their learning into action through ministry leadership positions. Work areas include: cabin leader, grounds crew, facility maintenance, kitchen, housekeeping, activity area leader, or in ministry support roles. Learning to build community, teach Bible studies, resolve conflict and lead their peers will prepare Vanguards for college and career.

If a Vanguard wants to stay for the summer, they begin the application process in January/February. After completing the process, Vanguards are placed alongside the rest of HoneyRock's summer staff in roles like cabin leader, guest services, operations, kitchen staff, ministry support and more. Income earned from this summer role can be used to reduce the overall cost of Vanguard by paying down the final tuition and program payment.