Investing in the Vanguard Gap Year

The cost of the Vanguard Gap Year Program is $18,500 for 9 months of programming, four immersion trips/experiences, 8 college course credits, and room & board. There are opportunities to reduce this program cost by participant contribution, fundraising for the immersion experiences, and working at HoneyRock during the summer semester. If a participant takes full advantage of the opportunities to reduce program cost, the total out of pocket program cost comes to $11,000.

Program Costs

Program Deposit:
A $500 deposit (nonrefundable after May 1) confirms enrollment. After successful completion of the program, all bills being paid, this deposit will be refunded.

Semester Payments:
Due by the first day of Fall and Spring semesters.

Immersion Experiences:
Vanguards will raise support for their immersion experiences. If the community goal is not met, the amount needed will be divided over the group and become a program cost billed at the end of the spring semester.

Program Costs:
Program Deposit $500 
Fall Semester $6,500
Spring Semester $6,500
Summer Semester* $2,500
Immersion Experiences $2,500
Total Program Costs

 *Summer semester payment waived if student works during the summer immediately following the Vanguard Gap Year

Opportunities to Reduce Program Cost

Student Contribution:
A matching scholarship up to $1,000 is given when a Vanguard participant contributes $1,000 of their “own money” towards program costs. This must be personally earned and cannot be raised through fundraising or gifts.

Immersion Experiences Fundraising:
Vanguards will be guided through the fundraising process to raise the needed money for the immersion experiences.

Summer Role:
Vanguards will earn up to $2,500 by working in a variety of support, operational, or program roles throughout the summer. It is up to the parents and/or participant to determine if this money is applied to the program cost. Participation in a summer role is a required part of the program.

Ways to Reduce Program Costs:
Program Deposit Refund $500   
Participant Contribution $1,000   
HoneyRock Match to Participant Contribution      $1,000   
Immersion Experiences Fundraising $2,500   
Waived Summer Semester Payment $2,500   
 Total Potential Reduction

Estimated Indirect Costs

Listed below are the estimated indirect costs that a participant could incur. The costs may be greater or lower depending on the individual situation. We strongly encourage each Vanguard to have a debit card that parents can access and monitor. This allows Vanguards to learn how to budget their living expenses over the course of one year.

  • Personal expenses/miscellaneous = $1,000
    Includes but not limited to laundry, snacks, dinner in town, movie, etc...
  • Transportation = $600
    Traveling to and from HoneyRock during Christmas and Spring breaks.
  • Total Estimated Indirect Costs = $1,600