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Meet Our Vanguard Faculty

Wheaton College professors teach at HoneyRock as faculty. These faculty members are experts in a variety of fields, including but not limited to psychology, youth ministry, Christian education, and leadership development. No other camp or ministry offers students such close interaction with faculty; this makes HoneyRock truly unique. The relationships students build with faculty members grow deeper, and students often leave HoneyRock with mentoring relationships that are life-changing.

The faculty below regularly teach at HoneyRock and play a critical role in developing the academic programs at HoneyRock. Many of these faculty members will participate in the Vanguard program, though involvement will vary year to year depending on availability and program plans.

Rob Ribbe, Director of HoneyRock; Assistant Professor of Christian Formation & Ministry

Muhia Karianjahi, Graduate Program and Global Initiatives Manager

Bob O’Connor, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Tiffany Kriner, Associate Professor of English

Keith Johnson, Associate Professor of Theology

Amy Peeler, Assistant Professor of New Testament

Chris Kiel, Professor of Geology & Environmental Science 

Emily Langan, Associate Professor of Communication

Barrett McRay, Associate Professor of Christian Formation and Ministry 

AJ Poelarends, Assistant Professsor of Physics and Astronomy

Karen Johnson, Assistant Professor of History

Thomas Boehm, Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Special Education

Jerry Root, Professor of Evangelism, Director of the Institute for Strategic Evangelism, Billy Graham Center