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Discern Your Calling

The Vanguard Gap Year program provides deep, life-changing transformation through a year of discovery, where you will begin to discern God’s calling for your life.

This holistic development in the Vanguard program prepares your whole person for life in college and in the body of Christ. At Wheaton College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development, you will grow and discover your unique, God-ordained gifts. Concurrent with Wheaton College’s mission, Vanguard Gap Year teaches our students to live and live well, with focus and intention to the whole person - body, mind, and spirit.

Energize your body through work, service, and recreation.

You will participate in maintaining the community through work rotations and training in job and life skills around HoneyRock. Cultural immersion experiences will provide adventures outside HoneyRock for you to nurture the joy of giving through service projects.

Enrich your mind through reflective learning and study.

In seminars with Wheaton College faculty and other guest facilitators, you will think deeply about faith and central theological issues. You will develop a worldview that is critically thought-out and applied in your everyday life. Work will strengthen time management skills, work ethic, and discipline.

Engage your spirit through personal formation and living in Christian community.

You will be encouraged to own a personal, vibrant faith in small-group mentoring and personal reflection. Following the historic church calendar, Vanguard gives space for focus on person and corporate disciplines such as worship, prayer, work, and learning.

The 9 months in the Northwoods of Wisconsin are highly experiential and will prepare you for college and beyond. Vanguard Gap Year changes lives through our focus on building whole and effective people.