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Equestrian Passage


Being part of Equestrian experience provides you with a tight community and unique experiences through God's creation, while learning horsemanship skills.

Dates: August 12-20, 2020 | Program Fee: $795

  • Your adventure starts on August 12th when you meet at Wheaton College and board coach buses to HoneyRock.
  • Once you arrive, you will meet the other 7-9 members of your small group and your leader who is a highly trained HoneyRock staff member.
  • For the first three days, your small group will bond through a variety of horsemanship activities such as arena classes, trial rides and ground-training skills. While participating in these experiences you will have group discussions and get to know your peers as well as your leaders. 

All tracks will come together August 15th at HoneyRock, for several days of small group discussions with Wheaton College faculty, service projects in the local community, and activities. On August 20th, all Passage students will travel back to Wheaton in time for on-campus orientation.

During Passage, students are enrolled in CFM 131: Introduction to Spiritual Formation and receive 2 hours of course credit. Students will complete reading and writing assignments before and after coming to HoneyRock as part of the course experience.

If you have questions about this track or need assistance in the registration process, email passage@wheaton.edu.

Equestrian track passage students with helmets