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Become a Passage Leader

Do you want to disciple new students, build the Wheaton community, and develop leadership skills to build your resume?

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Leading the Passage Experience

Passage leadership positions are open to Wheaton upperclassmen who have a passion for Wheaton College, a willingness to contribute to the experience of incoming students, and a desire to be developed as a leader in the Wheaton College community.

All Passage leaders will receive specialized training prior to the start of the Passage program. To ensure that leaders are adequately prepared, our Passage Leader training program equips individuals to recognize the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of the groups they will be leading. Additionally, Passage leaders learn facilitative skills that will contribute to positive group development and encourage interaction with course themes and experiences.

Track Dates
Wilderness July 29 - August 23
Urban August 4 - August 23
Northwoods August 4 - August 23
Equestrian August 4 - August 23

To Apply:
Applications can be submitted online via the HoneyRock registration portal. Once your application is received, you will be contacted for an interview.

Payment: Leaders begin earning pay once students arrive and Passage officially begins. Housing and food are provided throughout your time at HoneyRock. 


  • Upperclassman Wheaton College students (rising juniors or seniors) are strongly preferred for this role. Participating in the Summer Leadership School is highly recommended as this will increase your chances of leading Passage the following summer
  • HoneyRock experience is preferred but not required
  • Confident and excited about engaging in spiritual conversations regarding identity, conflict, forgiveness, etc.
  • Must have a desire to mentor and guide Wheaton Freshman

Wilderness Specific:

  • Enjoy the wilderness! While you do not have to complete HoneyRock’s summer wilderness program (SALT) to lead the wilderness track, you will be paired with one who has completed the program.

For More Information: Contact Rachael Cyrus at 715.479.7474 ext. 203 or email her at rachael.cyrus@wheaton.edu

Track Leader Positions:

Track leader positions are for returning Passage leaders who are interested in becoming a leader of leaders in the Urban and Northwoods tracks. These roles have a wider scope of responsibility: overseeing significant aspects of Passage programming; mentoring, training, and advising Passage leaders; and running meetings. This is incredible experience for those who want to lead programs and teams in a dynamic and professional environment.

  • Arrival:
    • Urban: training begins July 29th
    • Northwoods: training begins August 1st
  • Earn: Track Leaders are paid for the time that they spend leading Passage Leaders, from July 30th to August 20th. Track leaders also receive a higher level of pay (370/wk).
  • To Apply: Applications can be submitted online via the HoneyRock registration portal. Once your application is received, you will be contacted for an interview. Final hiring decisions will be made by March 1st.


  • Upperclassman Wheaton College student (rising junior or senior)
  • Past Passage leader
  • Confident and excited about engaging spiritual conversations regarding identity, conflict, forgiveness, etc.
  • Desire to mentor and guide peer leaders

For questions about Wheaton Passage, call Rachael Cyrus, our Passage Manager at 715.479.7474 ext. 203 or email her at rachael.cyrus@wheaton.edu