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WIN This Summer

Yes, WIN is still happening—online!

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WIN 2020 Course Offerings

May 18-29
June 1-12

WIN has been moved online for this summer only. Here are the classes still being offered:

Wheaton in the Northwoods - Session 1 - May 18 - 29, 2020

  • PHIL 222, Souls and Brains, Dr. Adam Wood (4) PI, SIP
  • BITH 211, Old Testament Literature and Interpretation, Dr. Michael Graves (4) OT
  • BITH 213, New Testament Literature and Interpretation, Dr. Chris Vlachos (4) NT
  • BITH 315, Christian Thought, Dr. Emily McGowin (4) CT
  • CORE 319, Philosophy and Tragedy, Dr. Ryan Kemp (4) AIS, PI, LE
  • CORE 355, Boundary Waters, Dr. Matthew Milliner (4) AIS, VPAV, DUS
  • ART 329, Community Art, Dr. Leah Samuelson (3)

Wheaton in the Northwoods - Session 2 - June 1 - June 12, 2020

  • HIST 103, The Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Karen Johnson (4) DUS, HP
  • BITH 213, New Testament Literature and Interpretation, Dr. Carlos Sosa (4) NT
  • BITH 315, Christian Thought, Dr. Vince Bacote (4) CT
  • CORE 354, Nature’s Beauty, Dr. Bob O’Connor (4), AIS, PI, SIP
  • Phil 251 Global Justice, Dr. David Fletcher (4) PI, GP 

Note – As it’s always been, all WIN courses must have at least 5 students to run.  If a course does not have 5 students registered by Monday, April 20th, it will be cancelled.

WIN 2020 Course Descriptions 

Cancelled WIN 2020 Courses

Unfortunately, one class was cancelled:

  • IR 155 Comparative Politics, Dr. Tim Taylor (4) GP, SI 

Questions and Answers about Wheaton in the Northwoods Moving Online

Only if you want to transfer to another course. If you do want to transfer to another course, please email donna.marroquin@wheaton.edu to initiate the transfer process. If your course has been cancelled and we do not hear from you by Monday, April 20th at 5:00 pm, we will cancel your registration.

Yes. The classes will run during the same dates and will have pre and post work, as is typical for a WIN class.

You can expect 4-6 hours of in-class time per day. We are working with professors to establish a schedule that is manageable and meets the requirements of running a course given the online environment.

Cost Per Credit: $675/credit - most courses are 2 or 4 credits
Room and Board: $150/week

To Sign Up:

  1. Create an account* and sign up for your WIN course(s)
  2. Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit
  3. Receive instructions on how to register through Banner

*If you have already created a HoneyRock account for Passage or another WIN course, no need to create a new account - just log in!

If you are having trouble logging into your account please call (630) 752-5124.

Professors will email the syllabus or make it available on Schoology about 4 weeks before your class begins.

Yes. We will begin processing the return of all transportation fees by Monday, April 20th.


You can email donna.marroquin@wheaton.edu to initiate the cancellation process.

Yes! When you cancel your registration, we will refund your registration fee.

*Deposits will be refunded for students who are cancelling as a result of the move to an online format. Students who registered for WIN after the decision are subject to the normal cancellation policy and refunds will only be given for emergency situations resulting in a cancellation.  

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