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Vanguard Assistants

Vanguard Assistants

Become a Leader for the Vanguard Gap Year

Vanguard Assistants are a group of college graduates seeking to personally develop and purposefully invest in Vanguard Gap Year Students. Vanguard Assistant members generally share a common interest in student or resident life and a desire to grow and develop individually as they serve and lead others in the outdoor context. All Vanguard VA positions share 3 common purposes: personal development, leadership development and vocational discernment. All Vanguard VA positions involve leading, mentoring and providing support to Vanguard Students through their gap year experience at HoneyRock, The Outdoor Center for Leadership Development.

The Vanguard Assistants (VAs) are full-time seasonal employees who work under the supervision of the HoneyRock Vanguard Program Manager and Graduate Assistant. VA’s are responsible for cultivating an environment that fosters community through caring relationships, an attitude of service, as well as providing logistical and detail support to Vanguard Students. This staff works to create a relationally and physically safe place for Vanguard Students to be supported and challenged to engage in  authentic relationships in order to live out the body of Christ and grow in His likeness.

Position Specifics

  • 1 Female and 1 Male Position Available
  • Dates of Employment: August 28th, 2017 – May 4th, 2018

Responsibilities and Duties

As a member of the HoneyRock staff team, fulfill the mission, vision and core values of HoneyRock and Wheaton College.

Be an active member in Vanguard Staff meetings, retreats and in-service training for the purpose of planning, information sharing, support, personal, professional and community development. |
Growth and development of Vanguards
Encouraging growth toward wholeness in Christ as well as maturity in thought, speech, and behavior in their understanding of living together as members of Christ’s body.
Relational and community development
Cultivate relationships with each Vanguard by planning regular community-building events and concentrated relationship time.
Overall program planning and coordination
Meet weekly with the Program Manager and Graduate Assistant for further training, mentoring and support.
Trip facilitation
Assist and plan 3 cultural immersion experiences to the Dominican Republic, an urban environment, and a 6-day backpacking trip.
Logistical support
Driving Vanguards to and from various activities and events, building care and reporting maintenance needs, communicating information that is relevant to program.
Leading a team
Lead, develop, and empower a student-led committee that benefits and edifies the greater HoneyRock community.
Policies and procedures
Hold students accountable to follow the policies and procedures of HoneyRock and of Wheaton College.
Supervise the Residence Hall as a Vanguard team. 

Complete other necessary tasks as assigned by the Vanguard Graduate Assistant and/or Program Manager


• Evidence of Christian character and commitment.
• Passion and excitement for Discipleship Ministry.
• Understand, support and enforce the Community Covenant.
• Communication, leadership and management skills.
• Past experience and training in student development in college as Resident Assistant, Discipleship Coordinator, or similar role.
• Desire to encourage students to become more like Christ.
• Ability to relate to students and staff.
• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
• Able to pass Wheaton driving test and requirements.
• Previous experience in camp, adventure or outdoor-related ministries.
• Willingness & ability to be flexible with the needs of the job.

If interested, please email or talk to Charlie Goeke (Vanguard Program Manager) at charlie.goeke@wheaton.edu